Our system is robust enough to make sure that users can pay policies with their App and Insurance Companies can track those payments in real time.


User-friendly solution with Best Features

Developed by ICT experts with very close coordination with major Insurance companies of Nepal

Policy Payment

User can buy & renew policies and make payments using esewa, Khalti and IME Pay

Claim Policy

User can claim for a policy with supporting documents

Services and Products

System includes dynamic process to add Featured Policies, Online Policies and Other Products

Premium Calculators

Once the user input all required parameters for calculation, the app shows the calculation results in summarized and detailed form

Easy Integration

Very few and simplified api integration are required to communicate with existing Insurance ERP

Company Information

Display company profile, BoDs, Branches, Product Info, Surveyor, News/Notifications and more


Some More Features

We believe nInsurance is the right solution to multiply your business process. We already have experience working with several major non-life insurance companies of Nepal

Featured Policies

These policies are highlighted Policies. They include premium calculator, policy info page and buy policy feature


This includes map location with latitude &longitude, Incharge contact info with office landline number. Branch search feature is also available here

Buy Policies

Buying policy includes premium calculator and user KYC info input segment. User can buy/Request for policy with this feature

Push Notification

Admins can push cloud notifications to automate services or inform users

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We make our job to listen, to research, and to understand the requirements unique to your organization. Our mission is always to provide creative, quality solutions that target your goals.


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